Monday, August 4, 2008

Thankfully we only had to wait another 10 mins or so before another bus came along. As mentioned earlier, bus journeys ain't exactly pleasant but it gets me home. It could be worse though. It could be packed!
Ok writing about my everyday commute home is depressing. I'm actually considering deleting this post. But no matter I shall make up for it by writing about something more cheerier.

I'm actually asking myself if what I have now justifies me accepting this position, moving out here and leaving what I had back home. The answer for now seems like a "No". But then I guess it's only been 2 months. I'll need to check in on this again at the end of the year.
Ok I know I said something about being more cheerier..


The LensMeister said...

The buses there look spacious.. but they dont look air-conditioned.. are they ? And the roads over there look nice and wide... well, at the very least u could use your daily commute to catch up on reading :P Get a PSP :)

MartinElGrande said...

well the buses are generally air conditioned but the older buses have very weak output like the one picture. And the way the driver drives with frequent jerky movements and's a bit hard to read..furthermore the bus smells of unwashed bodies!