Monday, August 11, 2008

Life in Dubai

The view from my study. Yes we have a pool but trust me there is nothing to see. The view of the Dubai skyline is something else though. We had fog yesterday evening. I took a cab to a nearby mall to buy a new camera lens and along the highway traffics suddenly slowed to a crawl and I thought aw shucks there's an accident up ahead. Turns out, the accident was on the other side of the highway and the traffic on our side was just slowing down to have a look see! The traffic on the other side was REALLY bad, the cars didnt seem to be moving at all! That's the thing about accidents here. If you have one, you are not allowed to move your vehicles until the police get there hence jamming up the road. And probably because of the jam the police cannot get there in an appropriate time.
Hence my apartment is really sanctuary at the end of a very tiring commute home. My taxi ride home from the shopping mall was 1 hour!

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