Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life in Dubai - Work

Somedays I feel so restricted as to what I can do that I feel pretty much useless and ask myself what am I doing here? Time will of course change everything and boy am I looking forward to that time! The last two times I can remember feeling this way was when I started at the manpower office at Ang Mo Kio Police station in 1997 and when I started doing operations in Dec 2003 in this company. Looking back, my run in those two vocations ended resonably well. I can only hope that it will be the same for this one.

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masterofthe said...

I hope you find your time in Dubai, that which you were looking forward to as well as I hope that peace of mind sets your long wait.

Don't think of it too much, ok. It will come. I've been there and it always comes. Maybe if you have time to come over to the Philippines, I can escort you to some of the best scuba places like the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan. I don't dive, I even can't swim better than a learning kid but I can be your guide for free if you like 'coz I love nature.

If you have time and want come over to the Philippines for a vacation, you can call me (home - 366 36 45)and I'd be glad to be your personal guide in your travel here to the most beautiful places we have here. BTW, my ancestors live near Boracay and my cousin's hubby is the local Mayor and tourism secretary there so I bet you are going to have a good time if I take you to my province too.