Monday, August 18, 2008

Life in Dubai

Allah be praised I am not Diabetic! Had an initial scare that I was experiencing the symptoms (throat always dry, always drinking glass after glass of water) of Diabetes Type 2. I wouldn't have realised that anything might be wrong if I hadn't mentioned it in a conversation with Claudine at my place. Nevertheless I immedietely made an appointment with the clinic the next day. Being the knucklehead that I am, I forgot about the usual fasting rule before any blood and urine test and finished a bag of crisps at home before the appointment. As a result my suger levels in my blood was on a borderline case of being diabetic. The next day two more subsequent tests (before and after fasting) revealed that I was in the clear. The Doctor even said I could eat as many sweets as I wanted (hey..who am I to argue with a Doctor?) and can enjoy life. He even shook my hand!

Health is certainly Wealth..

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