Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life in Dubai - Dune Bashing

When IT guys Joshua and Ajith came out to Dubai from Singapore, we went on a dessert safari that was fun filled with soufle, chocolate mouse, cheesecake and ice cream. Ok lame joke.

Basically the desert tour saw us pack into a 4 x4 with a bunch of other tourists and be driven up and down and over desert dunes. Ajith and I were at the back so we got the brunt of motion sickness at it's full force. I brought Tiger Balm oil and did my best to keep it in my pocket.

The tour ended with a buffet dinner and belly dancing. No I was not the dancer but I was invited up by the actual dancer (bad mistake) to show my stuff. The food was ok and there was free flow of soft drinks. And surpisingly there was also alcohol for sale though I assure you that the picture above is not a direct result of that. (sort of)

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