Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life in Dubai - Scuba Diving

One of the things I am really looking forward to is doing some Scuba Diving on the UAE east coast or Musandam up in Oman. One of the other S'poreans, Heisham has just been open water certified so that's already a buddy in hand. It also helps that he lives about 300m down the road from me! All I need to do is to bring over my OMS BCD* from Singapore and I'm all set. Everything else I'll get here. There seems to be no OMS or Halcyon (or even Zeagle) back plate BCDs here in the UAE (unless I didnt search hard enough) and I do not fancy the usual jacket type BCDs. We're aiming for our first leisure dive first week of October. And I am seriously considering bringing over my Underwater Photography rig as well.
Yes, I know this photo of me has been posted before earlier but hey, I like it.

* Buoyancy Compensator(?) Device


ethos said...

This is a warning to anyone diving in Dubai.
Be on the watch for a canadian man named GLENN CAMPBELL and his japanese wife NAHOKO UEDA, supposedly they opened a dive shop there recently.
These 2 are international SCAM ARTISTS and very dangerous people. The are posing as PADI accredited instructors, though GLENN CAMPBELL is no longer allowed to dive or instruct.
They recently stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and scuba gear from our Dive shop in Nicaragua and fled to Dubai.
If anyone has seen or knows the whereabouts of these 2 fugitives please report them to the local authorities. they are being sought in a multiple country manhunt for international fraud.

hanid said...

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