Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scuba Diving - Manado April 08

My first real post on Scuba Diving. Back in April of this year, a couple of mates and I got together for a great fun filled trip to Manado. It was made all the more special because it would be the last time that any one us could dive together for a very loooong time, with Clifford moving to Japan with Emi and myself off to Dubai.

L to R: Zac, Cliff, Emi and Simon aka Lam Dugong
There were lots of great underwater marine life like this tiny pygmy seahorse.

Or this Nudibranch..

Or this Rhinopia scorpionfish..

 This is how a typical wall dive looks like..


Gautam said...

These are some amazing photographs mate. Keep up the good work, great blog you got going..!!!

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MartinElGrande said...

Hi Gautam,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually amazed that someone actually reads my crap! :)


Gautam said...

There is no such thing as a Crapy-blog!!! Hehe!!