Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kasawari Lembeh Part VI - The Resort

What can I say about the Kasawari Lembeh resort that hasn't already been said over and over? The only thing I can do now is just rave about it in my own words.

This was our accommodation, villa number 5 nestled among lush well kept greenery. They were kind enough to let me use the same villa again on my second trip 2 weeks after the first.

First off the bits I could really live without. Wonky internet connection, nil mobile phone reception in the villa and frequent power outages. But I don't really see this as too much of a hassle as the main idea is that you are supposed to be out there diving for most of the day.
The bits I like- the main room and bathroom was nice and spacious. And I really mean nice and spacious! Short stays here just do not do it justice.

However it is their camera room that really takes the cake. Nice and spacious with individual workstations with two multipin power sockets for charging batteries and stuff. With the huge group the "Night Safari" experienced, it was still pretty roomy and no one really got into each other's way.

However on my second stay, another diver and myself were the ONLY ones to use the camera room. And I could hardly even see the guy's stuff giving me the impression that I was the only user of the room.

Each workstation had a small laminated numbered card with a clip that you attach to your housing so that when the staff return your kit to the camera room (after rinsing in freshwater) they will return your kit ato your workstation according to it's number. Neat eh?

The infinity pool for you to spend your surface intervals at. Oh the green is not algae but the colour of the tiles. I checked.

The view of the inviting water as you walk out onto the jetty to the dive boat.

Add in great company and there you have it... :)

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