Monday, March 15, 2010

Kasawari Lembeh part II

The week in Kasawari Lembeh passed fast and we got to meet some very fun people. Apart from Sanah, there was also David of Scubacam, Heok Hui, Eugene, Colin and Kamarul and we had a barrel of laughs especially when it came taking the piss out of David.
Although I did not get to capture on camera the sort of critter behaviour I was hoping to capture ie: mating, hunting, I did managed to get some pretty cool shots of fish lying in wait for dinner to swim by.

I call this series "Hello..Nice to Eat You"

"Hello...Nice to Eat You" because I imagine a small little fishy ambling along the dark bottom of the substrate in search of food only to come across a pair of eyes shining in the dark looking intently at it and in a split second dash...nothing but darkness as the little fishy contemplates it's new role as nutrient giving food to it's sinister lie in wait predator. Burp.

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