Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life at Home after the travellin' is over...

So there you have it...both Lembeh Straits dive trips and Siem Reap trip over and done with. And I so recall that euphoria just before the "Night Safari" event at still having a week of diving to go, a photography trip to Angkor and a final trip back to Lembeh to look forward to. On the bright side I still have about 2 more weeks left to go before I head back to Dubai, which is the average time anyway I'd spent at home on leave. On the other hand, the next 2 weeks ain't exactly vacation time for me. Now I do not want to go into detail here as I do not want to be seen as clamoring for pity or good praises but I am beginning to realise that to do what I do now at home will require 3 things.

1. No expectations of thanks or reward.
2. The carrying out of tasks without grudge or complaints.
3. The putting aside of pride and scrounging up of every common sense I can muster.

However whenever I feel myself faltering in these areas I just recall that wonderful feeling of jumping into that cool Lembeh water and descending to a black sandy oasis full of photographic anticipation and excitement....

I guess I've had my fun...and now it's time to "pay".

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