Monday, February 1, 2010

It's February...continued..

Man it's been really really quiet of late... just like it was in December last year. No phone e-mails... I almost feel guilty being in the office! And to make it worse my boss sits directly behind me but I can tell that he too is finding it quiet these days. But he sitting behind me makes it difficult to whip out a book or do anything else besides pretend to be doing something work related. As such I find myself planning for my various trips back home. Like making out shopping lists and arranging for flights and hotel bookings... making notes... planning my shopping schedule for those few days before I set off to Lembeh... all these actions if done correctly can look as if it's work related... (gosh I hope no one from work reads this!)

Over the weekend I finally found what I was looking for. A traditional wooden arabic door. I believe this door if need be can be used as an actual door but I think it will make a cool decorative piece for an apartment. It will be cool to one day bring this back to S'pore to place in our very own apartment. It will be a rarity.


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