Sunday, February 7, 2010

17 Days more....

By Golly I have got to stop doing this... I have got to try to start thinking of something else! I started packing up my dive gear over the weekend and it weighed to about 15kg. I think I can pack in another 10kg of clothes and I will carry everything else, my underwater photography kit, cameras and lenses as carry on luggage. My clothes will be the bare minimum I need. Why carry back what I can easily buy back home? I always bring back more that I ever use anyway. First priority would be everything I need for Lembeh and Siem Reap.
Despite all this eager anticipation at going home and to Lembeh and Siem Reap, there lies in the back of my mind the thought that one day in April, we will be getting onto that return flight back to Dubai and this return trip will be the hardest one I would have ever made because Heisham (and Beaver) will not be there.

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