Monday, May 17, 2010

One more month..

It's a month more 'til Alaska. To some extent I feel guilty at going off on leave again after having just returned from a long one (even if half of it was on no pay). But an opportunity to see Alaska is just too good to pass up. However despite any excited anticipations we may have, we do have to mentally prepare ourselves for a few things. Like for example,

1. We cannot expect a comfy hotel room and bed after a very long flight.
2. There will be a lack of privacy on the RV.
3. We will all have to share a bathroom/toilet.
4. We will have to eat meals prepared in the RV's kitchen.
5. We will be on the road often.
6. We may not even feel comfortable on the RV.
7. We may not even get along with Bill's friends or daughter.

Just the same we intend to make the best of every situation. It's not everyday one gets to go to Alaska!

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