Monday, May 31, 2010

Comin' Home 2

I am actually pretty excited now at the thought of going home. The more I think about it the more I become convinced that this move would be for the better good personally as well as professionally. I can also tell that the Singapore office seriously needs it's mojo back. It doesn't hurt that my new T&C are quite agreeable too considering the circumstances.

So much to look forward to. 2 weeks in Alaska and then the move home. However there seems to be two conflicting versions on when I am actually expected back. My future boss tells me that there is no real rush but the MD and HR director says to return after I complete my trip to Alaska. I think it best to heed the instructions of the MD. After all why stay here longer then necessary?

I am disappointed though that I would not be able to travel this region as I wanted to.... Shiraz, Petra, Jerusalem etc. But on the up side, being in Singapore would place me that much closer to places like Bali, Manado, Lembeh and even Ambon to indulge in my main love of scuba diving and underwater photography.

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