Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another life changing moment

If you may recall, a few blog postings ago I wrote about the people that kept me sane here in Dubai. And I guess along with everything else, all things come to an end...somewhat.

Beaver finally hit the jackpot and landed a better offer for back home in Singapore. On top of that he is also now an expectant father of twins. It was a sad moment for the rest of us here when he finally had to go but we were of course happy for him.

I have had the pleasure of Beaver attending my wedding and of having him shack up with me for a week before his flight home. They were good times. Beaver is one person I can totally be crass* with. Nothing that came out of my mouth would shock him. We will miss his humour and his good company.
It will not be long now before Heisham too is gone.
*Yes, I am naturally a very crass person but with self control and perserverence, I maintain a certain degree of decency.

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