Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to Jabel Hafeet and Al-Ain Hot Springs

On the wee hours of Friday morning at 4.30am (what was I thinking?) I met up with Heisham, Beaver and May (and one of their colleagues) for a trip to Jebel Hafeet in the Abu Dhabi Emirate to catch the sunrise. Despite the early morning start, we still missed it.

Nevertheless it was quite pleasant up there with a very cold wind blowing. The huge block of mountain on the right hindered us from getting a full view of the sun rising over the landscape.

The summit itself was fenced off to prevent folks from falling over so that made it a bit inconvenient for landscape shots. However I got to test out my Mamiya 645 Pro at the base of the mountain.

The hot springs were at the base and there was lots of greenery kept fresh by a very active fresh water sprinkler system.

And yes...the water was hot...I think it would have been fabulous in winter.

By 10am, I was nodding away in Heisham's car on our way back to Dubai.


The LensMeister said...

Nice Toes !

fareeha said...

cool, u could wake up so early on a weekend.