Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life in Dubai - Mandi

Beaver has been raving on and on about this local Arabic dish called Mandi. Seeing him all excited just at the thought of Mandi, how could I not give it a go? So last night, we all went for Mandi.
The concept of the restaurant is pretty traditional, everyone sits on carpeted floors and tucks away using their right hand. The dish is simple, yet extremely delicious and is enjoyed communally. Comes with the option of Chicken, Mutton or Fish but they were out of fish last night.
Since we had Mrs Beaver with us, we got to use the "family rooms" which in essence is just a covered eating area at the back. It basically looks like the inside of a tent which only adds to the Arabic experience of Mandi. They only thing they need to do now is to simulate a camel sticking it's head into the tent opening to complete the entire Arab experience.
To complete my Mandi experience, it is only right that we go back again to try the fish.

I am eating waaaaaaay too much here.

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