Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arab Summit in Doha

"Libyan, Saudi leaders walk out of Arab Summit after a spat
By Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Editor in ChiefLast updated: March 30, 2009, 18:45

Another charade by maverick Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi almost spoiled the Arab summit on Monday, when what was initially thought to be an apology to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz turned out to be another insult. The Saudi King left the meeting hall angrily, but returned shortly following an appeal from the Qatari host. Gaddafi, meanwhile, stormed out of the summit but the two leaders later met to "clear the air". "I have been waiting for six years to tell you that you are the liar. You were made by Britain and protected by the United States,” Gaddafi said, addressing King Abdullah as the rest of Arab leaders looked stunned.
Gaddafi’s remarks followed the opening address by the summit host, Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, who failed to stop the Libyan leader from continuing his barrage. Gaddafi was referring to a spat with the Saudi King during an Arab summit in 2003 in which King Abdullah described the Libyan leader as "a British-made and an American agent". This followed a comment by Gaddafi, saying Riyadh helped the US invade Iraq. The two countries have also had tense relations since the publication in June 2004 of a media report in the United States and Saudi Arabia accusing Gaddafi of plotting the assassination of King Abdullah, then crown prince, who was on a visit to the holy city of Makkah. Gaddafi on Monday said he was willing to mend fences with the Kingdom, despite the initial angry burst. "I am ready to visit you and for you to visit me," he said. The Emir of Qatar then managed to stop Gaddafi and offered a surprise apology; Gaddafi said he only wanted to apologise and open a new page with King Abdullah, who by then had left the room in protest. But Gaddafi went on to say that he was "the dean of the Arab leaders, the king of kings of Africa and the leader of the faithful,” before he himself stormed out of the meeting. Sources told Gulf News that he "went to visit the museum of Islamic Arts". A Qatari mediation managed to bring Gaddafi and King Abdullah together later in the day. Sources close to the proceeding said that most delegates didn’t consider Gaddafi’s remarks as an apology. "It will be another blow to the much hoped for Arab reconciliation," said the sources, referring to the absence of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Analysts said Mubarak stayed away from the summit because of differences with Qatar over Doha’s relations with Iran and the Gaza war coverage by Qatar-based Al Jazeera channel, which Cairo considers as anti-Egypt. - With input from Jumana Al Tamimi, Associate Editor "

Classic example of why peace in the Middle East is elusive and a very long time in coming. What do you expect when folks can't even get their act together amongst their own kin?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why No Updates?

Yes...it has been yonks since I've last updated. I still have not solved the problem of my photo upload settings and its a real hassle. The last thing I want to do after work is tweak around on a computer when I have been staring at one the whole day. And a blog without photos is as boring as piss so why bother.

It has been 10 months already since I've been here. And I still feel I am not in my element. Visiting the S'pore office last week made me miss my time there dearly eventhough when I was there I felt bored and unfufilled. It's been like a real struggle so far. I still have no idea what I've achieved. However newly made friendships in Dubai have kept me sane. And I had mentally prepared myself for the long haul going solo. So Heisham, Beaver, May, Kamal, Shireen and Kamariah thank you for helping keep this kid sane.

L to R: Beaver, May, Kamar, Shireen, Kamariah and Heisham.

And the latest bit of info to anyone out there who actually bothers to check my blog for updates.

Geraldine and I are getting married.

More updates to come, and hopefully this time with pretty pictures.