Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why No Updates? has been yonks since I've last updated. I still have not solved the problem of my photo upload settings and its a real hassle. The last thing I want to do after work is tweak around on a computer when I have been staring at one the whole day. And a blog without photos is as boring as piss so why bother.

It has been 10 months already since I've been here. And I still feel I am not in my element. Visiting the S'pore office last week made me miss my time there dearly eventhough when I was there I felt bored and unfufilled. It's been like a real struggle so far. I still have no idea what I've achieved. However newly made friendships in Dubai have kept me sane. And I had mentally prepared myself for the long haul going solo. So Heisham, Beaver, May, Kamal, Shireen and Kamariah thank you for helping keep this kid sane.

L to R: Beaver, May, Kamar, Shireen, Kamariah and Heisham.

And the latest bit of info to anyone out there who actually bothers to check my blog for updates.

Geraldine and I are getting married.

More updates to come, and hopefully this time with pretty pictures.

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