Sunday, May 3, 2009


Its funny how I'm experiencing a different sort of stress right now. Initially I felt the stress of feeling inconsequential and unimportant and of how my efforts had no real effect, which is something I am not used to. I am used to seeing the results of my actions and gaining satisfaction from them.
Over here...satisfaction is eluding me. But now with Babu on leave (which is a sort of a blessing as well) I find I am just swamped and the only way forward is to put in extra hours even if it means working over the weekend, and as always I feel my efforts will have no real outcome.

To sum it up on how its like so far being Marketing Manager for the Dubai office, its a lot of work for almost nil gain. That's if until a boat of ours secures a charter as a result of my actions.

So I've spent a good part of the day going through a mind numbing contract while trying to salvage some form of job satisfaction from it. And the thing that keeps me going are pleasant memories from home that I force my mind to conjure up in between contract clauses.

It'll go something like this...

"Where an invoice is disputed, the Charterers shall in any event pay the undisputed portion of the invoice but shall be entitled to withhold payment of...

...Peninsula Camera shop window shopping...

the disputed portion provided that such portion is reasonably disputed and the Charterers specify such reason. Interest will be chargeable at the rate stated in Box 24 on such disputed..

...dinner and drinks with gf Geraldine or cousin Colin at Timbre/Paulaner Brahaus/Archipelago Brewery/Brewerks..

amounts where resolved in favour of the Owners. Should the Owners prove the validity of the disputed portion of the invoice, balance payment shall be received by the Owners within 5 banking days after the dispute is resolved. Should the...

..Sushi Tei

Charterer's claim be valid, a corrected..

..Bak Kut Teh..

invoice shall be issued by the Owners. In defaultof payment as herein specified, the Owners may..

Mos Burger.

require the Charterers to make payment of the amount due within 5 banking..

***censored**** (it involves the gf)

days of receipt of notification from the Owners"

Yes...something along the lines of the above....

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