Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back in Dubai

As expected, time has flown and I am now back in Dubai. The trip home was a good one which in no small part was due to the fact that I took it slow and did not plan too hectic a schedule for myself. I also managed to cross everything off my list from eating what I wanted (Chilli crab - twice!) to getting my brushes and paints. I also took almost every opportunity to stuff myself silly and get myself drunk. Why at the Xmas office lunch party I was blind drunk by 5pm! (Something I told myself never EVER to do again.)

The Malacca trip to attend the inaugural Sequerah clan reunion was okay but the trip was more to catch up with second cousin Cecilia and spend time with Geraldine who graciously put up with going up that rotating tower contraption with me.
The National Service reunion was also a blast although a few people whom I was hoping would be there did not turn up. Big thanks to Alfee for driving me home that night! (yes...I was drunk).

And I finally got to meet Geraldine's mother (twice) who said I was a "nice boy". I have been told that this in itself means high praise already.

Towards the end of those 16 or so days at home, it felt like it was time to go "home"... It also helped that Geraldine would also be flying out to Dubai a few hours after me.

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