Monday, June 29, 2009

Folks with Over Inflated Opinions of themselves

A new term that I have learnt from my boss is "Over Inflated Opinion". He is fond of saying something along the lines of .."His problem is that he has an over inflated opinion of himself". Funnily enough at the same time of me learning this new term, I begin to see it a lot in a couple of people I work with. There are two individuals that particularly stand out. Without giving too much away as to who they are (in case they stumble onto this blog), they are as follows,

Individual A has been around these parts for like..when time began, or so he likes to think. He is also very actively involved in his religious activities and to give credit where it's due, is also very good at his job. However as a result of all this, I feel individual A has been besotted with a certain sense of high handed pride. He is not directly boastful, but he is very good at subtly inserting self praise into his conversations and it doesn't help that he seems to be in love with the sound of his own voice. He is also fiercely protective of what he's supposed to do and what he feels he's not. I guess generally this is a good trait in itself but if you're part of a team, well... if you're deep set in your ways and resistant to change, this means you're probably on your way out already. Just the same, Individual A is already set for retirement soon. He probably expects to be exalted at his going away do and to hear laments that the office will not function as well without him (which is probably true by the way). But when he starts, man he can just verbally squash anyone else's voice with his heavy authoritative, self righteous conviction that borders on a church reading of a squeally voice that all I want to do is to tell him to shut the %&*# up.

Individual B. Individual B probably feels that because he has been giving a great opportunity for advancement amongst his peers, this puts him on an elevated pedestral with given rights to act like a Mister Know It All when he himself requires guidance and correction. With people he feels that are lower in station than himself, he acts like you are inconsequential. Like Indivdual A, Individual B also has a certain self conviction about himself. However unlike individual A, if you can be proven wrong, then this makes it all the more galling! It leaves me smirking on the inside actually to see this happen.

But hey, I get my pay every month so who am I to argue? :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen

It saddens me to say that this movie borders on being one of the WORST movies I have ever seen. They have tried too hard to ride on the same formulas for success that pulled of the first movie so brilliantly. And the equation then was "Hot chicks + Transforming Robots = Movie Success!" But this time around it was generally flogging a dead horse. This time around they must have thought "Let's turn up a few more notches on the hot ass action and cool transforming bots and we'll have the same fanboys drooling a thousand times over!"

If this is ever at all possible I would like provide some word of advice to the Decepticons.

1. Kidnap Sam's parents (as done only to be let free in the desert for no Goddam apparent reason)
2. Kidnap Mikaela
3. Torture all of the above until Sam gives them what they want.

Problem solved.

Oh and as an extra, it wouldnt hurt for them to squish Sam's college room mate who in my opnion was a bloody annoyance more than providing any comic relief.

Sadly Revenge of the Fallen only warrants a 2 out of 5 stars from me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life in Dubai - Update

There were times during the last few months that I felt I was moving backwards. Now I feel like I'm standing still. I used to feel all beat up and sorry for myself because I worried about not meeting expectations of my superiors and colleagues and of myself.

Now I feel like I don't really care about it anymore. They just have to deal with me. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. They have to get used to me as much as I have to get used to them. So in a way, things for me now are much "better" than they were say a couple of months ago and I think I can narrow down the reasons why to two main contributing factors,

1. I started to drive gaining my own mobility (very inportant for living here!)

2. I stopped caring about what other people think of me.

Perhaps now I can finally move forward.